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Open Sky Raptor Foundation
Open Sky Raptor Foundation
Phone: 905 643-1391
Address: R.R..#1
Grimsby, ON. L3M 4E7
Contact: Carol Ricciuto
Animals care for: Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Osprey, Owl, Songbird, Turkey Vulture, Waterbird, Wild Turkey

The Open Sky Raptor Foundation specializes in RAPTORS - Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, Osprey, Owls, Turkey Vultures - and mallard ducks/ducklings and Canada geese/goslings..
We have caging that can sustain birds in first triage (3x3x3) and up to release training (120'x12'x12'). Nearby waterway allows for soft releases of water birds. We are busy with our birds, so if you call, please leave your name and number and a brief message and we will return your call asap that day.
In the meantime, put the bird in a cardboard box with a towel in the bottom, close the top and put the box and bird in a darkened, quiet room away from prying eyes of adults and children and away from curious pets. Do not feed it unless we instruct you to .
If you don't have the bird captured then at least keep an eye on it until we get back to you so we can instruct you as to what to do - letting it wander off can mean it may become prey to another predator. If you are impatient, then just put a box over top of it and place something on top to stop box from being blown away.

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