Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Haven Waterloo
Wildlife Haven Waterloo
Phone: 519 590-3676
Waterloo, ON. N2L 4L5
Contact: Joy Huggins
Animals care for: Beaver, Coyote, Groundhog, Otter, Porcupine, Weasel
We are able to take in most species and preform TRIAGE. If we do not have a license for that particular species we will do triage and then get that animal/bird to the proper  rehabilitation centre that has the correct license to do so. What has been checked off as we take in are wildlife that we can rehab.
Please phone or text if  the message box is full. Please do not email if you have an animal in need and its time sensitive, texting is better. Emails are only checked at the end of the day. 
Thank you!
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