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Wildlife Centres: Skunk
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The above wildlife centres are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Have you or your dog seen this end of a skunk?  You need these skunk recipes!

Skunk Spray on the dog or you

¼ C Baking Soda
1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent
1quart Hydrogen Peroxide
The detergent breaks down the oil in the spray and the peroxide brings it to the surface and the baking soda neutralizes the Thiols [odor] 

Deterrent Spray

8oz liquid dishwashing liquid
1 gal water
Spray area especially perimeter. It is unpleasant to wildlife but good fro plants

Eliminate House Order

Boil Vinegar for a couple of hours

TO eradicate skunk smell...(though I really think it smells good!!!)
A one in ten solution of bleach and water will usually take it out. I have been sprayed on clothing and only a ¼ of bleach poured in after the washer begins to agitate has taken care of it. Since spray is actually a watery gel and goes directly to an area, you can wash each area individually. Just follow your nose......

If you rehabilitate and have a baby skunk that sprays a solution of ½ white vinegar and ½

water will make baby’s bottom smell like nice again. (Granted, a bit like a salad, but nice again!!)

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