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Wildlife Centres: Skunk
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The above wildlife centres are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Reproduction: Striped Skunks in Ontario are born in May and early June, and average about 6-7 to a litter, can be 16! Their stripes can be full body length or a horseshoe shape. They also have a nose stripe which varies from ‘toothpicks’ to a ‘U’. Their home is a dark den underground or in under a shed, or porch.

Diet: Skunks are omnivore, with the ability to survive on variety wild vegetation, fruits and small animals, reptiles and insects, and water. It is not unusual for them to be out in the day looking for food.

Species Information:
Skunks do not see well past three feet. Sudden movements and noises will scare them. Move slowly in ultra-slow motions if the tail is and speak calmly. If they are going to spray, they go ‘into the position’ which is an awkward U shape. They look at you to aim and their butt faces you at the same time to fire. A skunk can’t climb, has no depth perception, and will fall into window wells, holes, even inground pools and will require help to get out.

Skunk Spray on the dog or you

¼ C Baking Soda
1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent
1quart Hydrogen Peroxide
The detergent breaks down the oil in the spray and the peroxide brings it to the surface and the baking soda neutralizes the Thiols [odor]

Deterrent Spray

8oz liquid dishwashing liquid
1 gal water
Spray area especially perimeter. It is unpleasant to wildlife but good fro plants

Eliminate House Order

Boil Vinegar for a couple of hours

TO eradicate skunk smell...(though I really think it smells good!!!)
A one in ten solution of bleach and water will usually take it out. I have been sprayed on clothing and only a ¼ of bleach poured in after the washer begins to agitate has taken care of it. Since spray is actually a watery gel and goes directly to an area, you can wash each area individually. Just follow your nose......

If you rehabilitate and have a baby skunk that sprays a solution of ½ white vinegar and ½

water will make baby’s bottom smell like nice again. (Granted, a bit like a salad, but nice again!!)

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