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Wildlife Centres: Groundhog
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The above wildlife centres are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Reproduction: Usually 4-5 naked, eyes closed young are born in May. The young develop quickly and will be on their own within 3 months.

Diet: clover, dandelions, grasses, fruit and vegetables.

Species Information:
They are often found burrowing in grassy areas, or in berms or banks along other roads. Also know as a woodchuck, the groundhog’s coat can be a range of brownish colours and there are even populations of entirely black-furred groundhogs which often surprises people. Perhaps this is why they have been mistaken for a muskrat, beaver, porcupine and even an otter!

The woodchuck is a rodent. This means it front teeth, both the top and bottom, never stop growing. This great digger excavates a den in the ground to call home. The home is very effective at keeping the animal safe and when it senses danger it will run to the safety of its den.

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