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Wildlife Centres: Deer
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The above wildlife centres are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Reproduction: Usually 2 fawns are born in the spring. Although young can stand and are mobile they cannot travel long distances with mom while she forages for food. Instead mom stashes the young (if twins are born they are stashed separately) in tall grasses where they will be safe, until she returns. If you find a fawn, leave it alone, mom is nearby.

Diet: In the summer, diet includes green leaves, grass and acorns. The winter diet includes more woody vegetation such as twigs

Species Information:
The deer that are found in and around a city seem to have a greater tolerance for human activity, dogs and traffic. They are often seen foraging in a field near the roadside, or bedding down in a wooded area near houses, and even visiting bird feeders in residential areas.

Deer are tremendous athletes, they are good swimmers, can run at speeds of 35mph and can jump as high as 8 ft.

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