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Wildlife Centres: Coyote
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Reproduction: Usually a litter of about 6 pups are born in the early spring and both parents provide care for the young.

Diet: Rodents, rabbits and carrion comprise the majority of the diet but this opportunistic feeder also eats birds, insects and even garden vegetables.

Species Information:
These resourceful animals have adapted to virtually all habitat types throughout North America. One of the reasons is the coyote’s resourceful and opportunistic feeding habits. Basically it survives on whatever food is available, squirrels, mice, frogs, berries, garbage, vegetable gardens and even pets. They are very clever.

As coyotes will continue to be a part of our landscape, we must respond appropriately. Keeping small pets indoors, particularly during the evening hours and early morning, and also removing attractions such as pet food and garbage are some ways to coexist with coyotes.

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