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Wildlife Centres: Big Cats
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The above wildlife centres are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

the Bobcat:

Credit: Follow Me North Photography

Distinguishing Features - Overall colouration, tawny brown above, dotted with numerous blackish spots along the midline of the back. Underside, whitish with dark spots. Short tail, blackish above and white below. Legs, tawny with blackish horizontal streaks. Prominent streaked ruff on cheeks extending below the jaw. Ears, short with dark ear tufts. Can be mistaken for a lynx but the bob cat has shorther legs and smaller feet.

Habitiat -Primarily in the southern areas of Northwestern Ontario. Prefers hardwood forests, brushy scrubland, rocky mountainous areas and sometimes the wooded outskirts of inhabited areas.

the Lynx:

Credit: Missy Mandel Photography

Distinguishing Features - Overall colouration, varied, from bluish-gray to yellowish-brown; underparts, buff colour. Blackish stripes on forehead and on prominent ruff around neck; Tail, short with black tip. Ears, pointed with long black tufts. Feet, large coated with dense coars hairs.

Habitat - Throughout Northwestern Ontario, primarily in dense mixwood forests with thick undergrowth. Also found in rocky forest areas.

the Eastern Cougar:

Distinguishing Features - Overall colouration, varies from yellowy-brown to chocolate brown, sometimes tawny gray, darker along mid-back. Belly, pale buff; chest, inside of ears and throat, whitish. Back of ears, tip of tail and stripes around muzzle, blackish. Tail, long

Habitat - Much less common in Northwestern Ontario than in the past, although numerous sightings are still made every year. Although the mountain lion is a highly adaptive species, its range has been depleted in the wake of forestry, mining and urbanization. It can be sighted in a variety of habitats but prefers wooded areas with an abundant supply of food.


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