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Raccoon Protest Returns to Queens Park on Monday November 6th

  Raccoon Protest Returns to Queens Park on Monday November 6th

Nov 3rd 2023


 After 5 weeks still no answer to why 95 Raccoons were sized by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) from Mally’s Third Chance Raccoon Rescue.  Over 50 MNR Enforcement Officers swarmed the sanctuary (one Officer per two Raccoons). Mally’s is Ontario’s largest center for Raccoons, they take in injured and orphaned raccoons rehabilitates them and releases them back into the wilds. This year alone Mally’s have saved 100’s of injured or orphaned Raccoons. Mally’s is one of only 47 Wildlife Rescue Centers left in Ontario from once over 200.  Mally’s is not the first Wildlife Rehabber to be subjected to heavy handed intimidating Government tactics (Ottawa Carlton Wildlife, Blue Water and Open Sky Raptor to name a few). The scale of this raid was designed to deliver as much drama as possible.  The information seized could have been obtained in a normal site inspection by the MNRF, by simply asking.  This was more than a message for Mally’s but a message for other Wildlife Rehabbers. Some Rehabbers are asking “are we next”. 

     Over 85 % of the Raccoons were fully vaccinated, some were on medication and some were being tested for possible diseases. The MNRF has been using the phrase “affected wildlife “which is concerning. There is a major concern that they have been killed or will be killed despite what the MNF is currently saying. 

       The supporters of Mally’s Third Chance Raccoon Rescue are holding a rally at Queens Park, Toronto. They will demonstrate in the space across from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Monday Nov 6th at 12:00pm-1:00pm.  The goal of this demonstration is to demand transparency, accountability, and answers from the MNR, and to let the MNR know the public is watching and still waiting for answers. Supporters of Mally's will be showing their solidarity with the Mally’s family, friends, staff, and volunteers. 

       The support for Mally’s has been growing with support from Animal Justice, Animal Alliance and a Facebook page Justice for Mally’s has grown to over 1600 members in 4 weeks.  A petition of over 6,000 signatures on Wildlife Rescue Centers in Ontario receive no support from any level of government,  are being regulated and harassed out of existence. 

This is a story about not just a Wildlife Rescue Center that specialized in Raccoons but about “is there any future in Wildlife Rehabbing in Ontario”. 

      Ontario Wildlife Rescue (non-profit) also needs volunteer lawyers to fight for Wildlife Rescue Centers. For more information and pictures please contact Sandy Donald Director at


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