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Mally’s Raccoon Protest At Queens Park This Friday October 13th

 Mally’s Raccoon Protest  At Queens Park This Friday October 13th

October 10th 2023


The supporters of Mally’s Third Chance Raccoon Rescue are holding a rally at Queens Park, Toronto. They will demonstrate in the space across from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario,on Friday, October 13 at 12:00pm-1:00pm.  Mally’s is the largest Raccoon Wildlife Rescue Center in Ontario. This year alone they have saved 100’s of injured or orphaned Raccoons.

     On Tuesday, September 26th the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) raided Mally’s and seized 95 raccoons. Over 50 MNR Enforcement Officers and staff swarmed the sanctuary (one Officer per two Raccoons). These were all raccoons who were orphaned, being given a chance at treatment, recovery from sickness or injury.  The MNR Enforcement officers rounded up the raccoons at Mally’s and stuffed them it what appeared to be live traps. Many of the raccoons were forcefully jammed into the disproportionately sized trap cages with their hands, feet, noses being tightly pressed against or forced out through the caging. Some were seized from Isolation Rooms or the Care Clinic and put in with the rest.  Kept in deplorable conditions during the raid, with no food or water and exposed for almost the entire 8 hour raid.  They left the place, traumatized, screaming in fear and putting them in a state of distress. Most of the information seized could have been obtained in a normal site inspection by the MNRF, by simply asking. The founders, staff, and volunteers are also left completely traumatized and helpless. According to the MNR the raid was based on compliance issues not about the welfare of the Raccoons. No one knows for sure if any of the raccoons are still alive. 

The goal of this demonstration is demand transparency, accountability, and answers from the MNR, and to let the MNR know the public is watching and still waiting for answers. Supporters of Mally's will be showing their solidarity with the Mally’s family, friends, staff, and volunteers. Supporters will be giving stories of how Mally’s helped them with a raccoon in distress, or a photo of a raccoon they have taken  to Mally’s.


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