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Cruelty of Dog Hunting Pens Caught on Camera

 Cruelty of Dog Hunting Pens Caught on Camera 

Animal Justice under cover video exposes cruelty to wildlife at dog hunting pens. The barbaric practice of taking wild animals (foxes, coyotes or rabbits) in large pens and then turning a pack of dogs loose to hunt them down often results wild animals being injured or killed. This has been confirmed by two retired Conservation Officers. The number of these pens are being expanded in 2024. Animal Justice video and research how inhuman and barbaric these dog training pens are. To say that this blood sport does not harm, injured or put the animal in distress false and just plain wrong. Please view the material, video from Animal Justice and you decide. 

Animal Justice material and link to video (June of 2023)


Animal Justice are lawyers fighting for animal protection.


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