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Barbaric Wildlife Death Pens To Be Expanded in Ontario

 The blood sport of watching dogs chase wild animals and kill them is being expanded in Ontario. The Provincial Government is proposing to expand the number of “penned dog hunting facilities” licenses (Wildlife Death Pens) that are allowed in Ontario. Foxes, Coyotes and wild rabbits are put in large wildlife death pens and then a pack of dogs is turned loose to hunt then down. This blood sport is considered entertainment and even have judging matches. This is similar to dog and rooster fighting that has been outlawed in Ontario (PAWS Act section 16). Why is it legal for wildlife.? This is in the same vein as the English Fox hunt, (which was stopped because it was considered inhumane). The object is to have dogs kill wild animals in a gruesome manner for sport. The idea capturing wildlife put them in a wildlife death pen and then watch them die a terrifying death, is repulsive. 

     The Sporting Dog Association and the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters have lobbied the Ontario Government to expand this inhumane sport because they claim there is a growing demand. 

    The Harris Government stopped issuing new licenses back in 1997 and would not allow the transfer of them. Ontario has gone from 60 down to 24. 

     Not only should no more licenses be issued, but existing ones should be cancelled. No other province in Canada allows this cruelty to wildlife. 

     WHAT CAN THE PUBLIC DO.  Contact your Provincial Member of Parliament and tell them that “penned dog hunting “is barbaric and cruel. Contact your friends and neighbours, have them contact their MPP. Put this on your social media, re-broadcast this email.  It must be stopped completely. 


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