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How to get help for injured and orphaned wildlife in Ontario?

 In Ontario the public finds thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals every year. How does the public find someone to look after them? A lot try their local Animal Control or Humane Society.  Most of which are not geared for wildlife and often have to put the animals down. In Ontario wildlife that is native to the province fall under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). The Ministry has licensed or authorized Wildlife Rescue Centers across Ontario.  They take in injured and orphaned wild animals, rehabilitate and release them back into the wilds. Everything from mice to moose (mice, squirrels, wild rabbits, groundhogs, raccoons, foxes, porcupines, deer, bears, moose and all wild birds). Most Centers are run by volunteers and receive no help form any level of government.  Wildlife Centers are completely dependent on the public for support. 

     Under the Ministries regulations the public has 24 hours to get an injured or orphaned wild animal to a Wildlife Recue Center. All the Wildlife Rescue Centers in Ontario are listed on the website. They are listed by species across the top (raccoons, squirrels, deer). When you click on Raccoons a map of Ontario comes up with all the Wildlife Centers in Ontario that take in Raccoons. For Birds if you click on a drop-down menu comes up with all the type of birds again if you click on water birds a map comes up of all the centers that take in water birds. If you click on the red pins all the contact information about that Center comes up. 

     The public calls us Wildlife Rescue Centers, we call ourselves Wildlife Rehabbers and the MNRF calls us Authorized Wildlife Custodians. Wild Life Rescue Centers is the most descriptive and is what the public most often uses when googling for help.

   Ontario Wildlife Rescue (OWR) works with over 50 Wildlife Rescue Centers (Wildlife Rehabbers) across the province.  Ontario Wildlife Rescue connects the public with wildlife rescue centers . OWR also help find resources (food, medical supplies and veterinarians) for Wildlife Centers across Ontario. Ontario Wildlife Rescue Center is completely run by volunteers and have no paid staff.  Ontario Wildlife Rescue is a Federally incorporated non-profit charity (license 8155291-2RR0001).

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